((U+C+I) X (10-S)) 20 X AA X 1 (1-SIN(F-10)) // DEMOTIVIERTE PHOTOITIDE (Fruehperle Berlin 2011)
2 exhibitions (with sarah ambrosi, christian struck, alexander steffens)

Umarmung [Embracement] c(g)/c(s)/g(c)/g(s)/s(c)/s(g), 2012
Blackboard Crayon, Red Chalk, Oil Crayon on PVC Floorcover
* Portraits of 3 friends. The Other (of each) is missing. Painted on remainings of glue on a PVC-Floorcover with unfixed Crayons.

fritz schneider (hochzeit lady diana & prinz charles), 2012
Black&White Photographs in Linolium Passepartout
* Screenshots of the Wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. Recorded with a Medium format Camera by my grandfather Fritz Schneider on 29th July of 1981. Framed in Linoliom floorcover.