oversharing (wavemutilation) (0423 koenigstadtbrauerei berlin)

...with the installative intervention "0423_10 she overshare," Grischa Lichtenberger responds to Stefan Ebner's action sculpture and confronts the inviting open structure with a contrasting spatial configuration. Alongside the brightly lit vault where the action sculpture unfolds, there exists a mirrored room of equal proportions but left in darkness, uncleaned, raw. From this room emanate two interfering deep sinusoidal tones, dividing the space into fluctuating zones of annihilation and resonance. The opening between the two rooms forms an invisible barrier where sound from the dark room breaks and filters into the bright space with the action sculpture. A second pair of speakers adds reinforced high-pitched residual fragments of the sinusoidal tones to the filtered sound from the first room.
The dialectic between the two spaces is supported/undermined by an ensemble in the dark room, consisting of a large-scale painting ("0422_03 obliteration msc") and an illuminating object leaning towards it, comprising a neon tube fastened to a wooden beam with a leather strap. It illuminates the painting like a lantern while maintaining the room's obscurity.
The configuration essentially addresses two different perspectives of communication in art - on one hand, inviting and calling for interaction, and on the other, revealing inexpressibilities, negotiating paradoxes and uncertainties. The interpretative valence offered in the title "oversharing" points to this contradiction of potentially integrating these two different approaches but also ironically underscores an attitude underlying both - a latency of hope towards the other.