strikt (ostranenie) '0220
how can a single wave accommodate multiple, how can we decipher each.
notation (score after the fact)

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#every performer shall use his/her own phone as soundsource # aplication: every phone is equipped with an app that allows for a continuous emission of a sine-wave signal with the possibility to control the frequency. (e.g.: #function generator, #signal generator, #sound-generator) # frequency: a.) choose a frequency that is appealing to you. do not harmonize or adjust according to other performers b.) alternativly choose a frequency just as a random number. # gesture: a.) circular, elliptical, figure-8 movement (variable: speed) b.) dampening with your palm (or your body) (stopping/stomping or modulating) c.) shaking (modulation of shaking extent) # composure: a.) choose one sort of gesture. b.) the variation inside each movement shall derrive from immanent intentions. exhaustion, annoyance, interest in your "own" tone should define how you change the modulation of the gesture. for instance: - slowly accelerate one movement until you feel sour in the muscle, then slow down that amount you need to ease the muscle pain. - try to measure the difference between your own hearing and that of the listener of the situation. try to create a doppler effect for your own ear, or for someone in front of you (audience, recorder) - alternate between these different movements - create a narrative with the tone.
3 pastels of barcelona 42x31cm (for angel)